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OFGEM Investigation Into Utility Point.

IMPORTANT UPDATE. UTILITY POINT HAVE HAD THEIR SUPPLY LICENCES REVOKED BY OFGEM?                                                                                                                                                                                          After spending nearly 4 months trying to get to the bottom  of how Look After My Bills illegally changed my energy supplier from SSE to Utility Point, today has come a breakthrough. I had to deal with the matter myself after Look After My Bills who claimed to have started an investigation into the matter 65 days ago refused to respond to my last dozen or so phone calls or my last 8 emails. Today someone posted the following on trusted website Trustpilot regarding Utility Point and Look After My Bills.                                                                                                                                   "I just got a quote from LAMB and it suggested I change to a company called Utility Point.According to Trustpilot, this company are under investigation regarding giving customers incentives for positive reviews.The OFGEM website says they have revoked their supply licences with effect from 4 January say you work with suppliers who value their customers and are committed to improving their customer service.“Don’t worry, if a supplier has terrible customer service we won’t switch you to them even if they want to pay us!”I think you need to have an urgent review of some of the companies you are recommending.I won’t be using LAMB."

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Look After My Bills Nightmare.

Sorry to get on peoples' nerves but my warning to people about the possibility of the collapse of energy company Utility Point has shaken Look After My Bills into issuing the following statement to a disgruntled Trustpilot reviewer.                                                                                                                                                 Hi Jenny,I understand that there has been a lot of concerns around receiving your refund from Utility Point.At this point in time last year, we switched a lot of customers to Utility Point, we are now switching these customers away from Utility Point. This means that Utility Point have to process refunds for 1000's of customers, so please bear with them as this can take some time. They have doubled their resources to help deal with this backlog and have informed us that the majority of these refunds will be processed in the next 10 days.We review the suppliers we work with regularly based on a number of factors including customers' feedback, Trustpilot reviews, Citizens Advice Bureau and financial stability. If we have several customers expressing dissatisfaction with a particular supplier, we raise an investigation to decide whether we want to continue working with them.If you can kindly respond to my private request for more information then I can look to go through your account with us in greater detail and let you know how best to proceed.I look forward to hearing from you.​Thomas - Senior Energy AdviserLook After My Bills

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