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The developers Mount Anvil/ Catalyst are launching their latest planning application for Friary Park on 1 June - yellow notices are still to be posted, but it is live on the LBE planning portal and there are 24 objections, no supporting remarks so far. Residents have until 22 June to comment. The application is a hybrid one, which means some parts will be fixed and other parts ‘outline’. The outline plans will continue to evolve in future applications, so it is important keep commenting.INCREASED FOOTPRINT, MASS AND HEIGHTIn the current plan, it is proposed Block B2 be increased in height to 17 storeys whilst ‘increased footprint and massing’ be applied to Blocks B3, C1 and C2. If the outline plans are adopted, a total of seven buildings will be in excess of 14 storeys (two of which will be 24 storeys).FRIARS PLACE GREENIn addition, the proposal includes two drawings where a MUGA (multi-use games area) spills over into Friars Place Green. This triangular green is common land. It has already been the subject of a much-criticised planning application that was withdrawn by the developer.HOW TO COMMENTTo comment, go to and enter 221747HYBRID. In addition, email the case officer [not yet announced on the LBE portal] and cc leader of Ealing Council Peter Mason Also write to the East Acton councillors whose jurisdiction includes Friary Park. Kate Crawford: Steven Donnelly: Hitesh Tailor:

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Unsolved West London Murders.

Are all the links between Abertillery double child killer Harold Jones and other unsolved murders just coincidences?Here are the facts.(1) Just before Jones was released from prison he repeatedly informed the prison authorities that he did not want to lose the desire to kill. That was the same desire that he admitted that he had in 1921 as a 15 year-old boy.(2) The governor of Maidstone prison from where Jones was eventually released stated in a report: "He is callous but would be the last to admit it. Sad as it may seem I can see no hopeful prospect for Jones in the future." The prison chaplain also reported that he felt Jones was a "no-hoper."Professor Mike Berry, (Consultant Clinical Forensic Psychologist.) visited Abertillery and a number of London locations during the filming of Dark Son - The Hunt for a Serial Killer over a 12 month period. His conclusion was that Harold Jones was the Hammersmith killer. (8 unsolved London murders that were the largest unsolved murders in British criminal history.) He stated that he believed after reviewing all the evidence that Jones after leaving prison had killed again and again,(3) Jones had lived 2 streets away from 3 of the 8 women murder victims in Fulham and Hammersmith as well as 50-100 yards away from murder victim Ignac Ulycz in Putney. The police in the 1960's were not aware of Jones' past and he was never a suspect in any of the murders until after 2008.(4) Jones' own daughter has stated that her father would leave her and her mother at home at the times of the killings and book into Rowton House, a  doss-house in Hammersmith whenever her parents would have a row. The daughter stated that she now believes her father would do this in fear that he may kill his wife in temper. Jones' own son-in-law stated that "There's no smoke without fire is there?"(5) One woman prostitute told the police that she had got into a punter's car with a man who showed her a London Metropolitan Police warrant card. She panicked and quickly exited the car. The man offered her some cash. Was the man Harold Jones using his father-in-laws police warrant card. (His father-in-law John Widdows was a retired London Metropolitan police officer.) The woman some time later became the 7th of the 8 murdered women.(6) Harold Jones stored the bodies of Abertillery murder victims Freda Burnell and Florence Little in Abertillery until it was convenient to dispose of their bodies. At least 4 of the Hammersmith victims were stored before being dumped at various London locations.(7) All Hammersmith victims were demure and childlike in stature.(8) Harold Jones had an oral fixation at the time of the Abertillery child murders. It is recorded by his then 13 year-old girlfriend Selina Mortimer that Jones had asked her to spit in his mouth. The Hammersmith killer also had an oral fixation by removing the teeth or dentures of his victims.(9) At least 4 of the Hammersmith victims had been stored (in an electricity sub-station on the Heron Trading Estate Acton) before being dumped at various London locations. Jones' daughter has stated that her father had worked as a sheet metal worker in Acton but wasn't aware of where in Acton. This is something only the police would be able to ascertain.(10) After Harold Jones was jailed for the murder of Florence Little he bragged about his ability to outfox the police during the earlier inquiry into the murder of Freda Burnell. He said: "The arrival of the men from Scotland Yard fascinated me. I had only read of Scotland Yard men before. Now I saw them in the flesh - and I beat them." I am convinced that Harold Jones went to his grave in 1971 knowing that he had beaten them again.I am in contact with adult children of 5 of the 8 Hammersmith murder victims. Learning of the deaths of their mother's has had an incredibly negative impact on them. They all feel cheated that it seems as though the police have no appetite for reviewing the case.I am also in contact with the families of 2 men that have been wrongly named as the killer. (Mungo Ireland and former world light-heavyweight boxer Freddie Mills.) They are also distraught that their fathers' good reputation has not been restored. Freddie Mills' daughter Amanda told me that owing to the stigma regarding her father that she hasn't told her teenage son that his father was a famous world champion boxer.THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

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Maddening behaviour from Ealing council

I thought you might be interested in this story about truly perverse behaviour from Ealing Council.Our yoga studio, Yoga West, has been running a local campaign to clean up Warple Way in Acton. People sometimes flytip and leave food waste on the street. When this happens, foxes rip open the bags. It's a beautiful street with Edwardian and Victoria commercial premises, however, the refuse can turn it from looking nice to looking awful.In response we have organised a campaign to do the following:Put up posters to remind people not to do thisRegularly litter pick on the streetCreated a group to watch out for people who do flytip and report them to Ealing.Organised regular communication with local councillors and the envirocrime team at Ealing to stop flytippingAs a building we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and although amazingly there is still no legal obligation for commercial properties to recycle, I and the other Directors of the building agreed to engage a recycling company for curbside recycling collection. This has been in place for about 5-years.It appears that on one of the times I personally reported flytipping to the Ealing team; one of our team forgot to attach stickers to our cardboard for curbside recycling. We have hired a number of new people as we try to grow the organisation after the pandemic. We don't really have much flattened cardboard and it appears that when they put out recycling for collection they forgot to do this.Instead of finding the flytippers Ealing council has issued us with a PCN for forgetting our stickers even though we called them in and we are spearheading a campaign to clean up the street!Esp. perverse when you realise how hard trading is for local businesses after the pandemic. I find this decision completely, completely incomprehensible and am frankly furious at the ridiculousness and insanity of the situation.James

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Ealing’s Chief Executive Officer Designate  a résumé of his previous appointments

Tony Clements’ return to Ealing as its new CEO - to be confirmed at the April 19thFull Council meeting - has triggered some comment. As our ‘strategic director of Place’ for just 2 years, he took with him a handy £74,000 ‘compensation for loss of office’. Since his post was not abolished this must surely signify a falling out with his Council bosses. Happily, for Tony, he didn’t have to survive too long on his pay-out as the next month he was snapped up by LB Hammersmith as their interim strategic director (Economy), where he remained for just over a year followed by a series of portfolio contracts, before appearing on the candidates list for the position of Ealing’s Chief Executive. This is unusual as most employers, when a person receives a golden handshake, make it conditional that they do not seek employment with the said employer for a given period of time, for example five years.When a local authority realises that it has made a mistake with a chief officer appointment, or there has been a falling out with politicians (and neither of these are unusual) the solution is to restructure and delete the post, thereby creating a 'genuine' redundancy and avoiding expensive compensation for loss of office. This was not the case in this instance. Lucy Taylor currently fills this role, following on from Gary Alderson who also only remained in the role for 12 months.Tony Clements’ CV does not show experience of managing a large organisation let alone a London Borough. Once senior local government people start working as interims or take on jobs outside local government at the sort of age that Tony is, this often suggests some past problems. This may be very unfair, but if you had been a success as an 'executive director' in the period up until 2020 you would have found a CE post (perhaps outside London) if you were committed to staying in local government. Life at top level in local government is very demanding of any other life than at the Town Hall. Not a role to take on for a couple of years as part of a career trajectory.Ealing needs a strong Chief Executive, with a strong person management background and also willing to take on elected members if and when the council strays into questionable legal territory such as the non-production of statutory reports.You may wish to ask your current Ward Councillors why him?

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