Booking System To Be Introduced at Local Tips

Local businesses hope for end to disruption at Stirling Road and Greenford

Queues at Stirling Road tip
Queues at Stirling Road tip

Ealing Council has announced that it is to introduce a booking system at the recycling centres they operate.

The tips at Stirling Road, Acton and Greenford have seen substantial queues of cars since they reopened after lockdown and, although they have reduced since the initial few weeks, they are still causing significant disruption in the area around the sites.

An online booking system will be introduced from Monday 17 August after which point you won’t be able to turn up to deposit waste without a designated time slot.

Cars are only permitted on site for a maximum of 15 minutes. Your slot will be forfeit if you arrive more than 10 minutes late and will have to re-book. No vans are accepted on site at Stirling Road.

To book a slot – click here.

Local businesses are angry that the council has not acted more quickly. Firms near the Stirling Road site say that they have experienced substantial disruption and loss of revenue due to the way that the council has organised the queues at the site. Ealing is using a booking system provided by the West London Waste Authority but this has already been put in place in other boroughs. For instance it has been operational for some time at the Townmead Road site in Mortlake.

Queues to access the Greenford Road tip. Picture: MPS Greenford Broadway
Queues to access the Greenford Road tip. Picture: MPS Greenford Broadway

From Monday 10 August the recycling site at Waitrose West Ealing, will no longer be available for recycling any materials.

August 8, 2020