Ealing Opposition Councillors Call-in LTN Decision

Cite 'terrible' consultation and neglect of needs of disabled

Gary Malcolm with Leader of the Council, Julian Bell debating LTNs

The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives on Ealing Council have ‘called-in’ the decision by the Cabinet to proceed with more Low Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes (LTNs).

The move, similar to one made by Labour and Conservative councillors recently in Hounslow, will require the decision to be reviewed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee which can then make non-binding recommendations to the Cabinet.

The call-in request was made jointly by the two parties due to a change in Council rules which meant that both opposition groups must agree in order for a call-in to take place. The meeting is likely to happen in January 2021.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Gary Malcolm believes. despite their best intentions, there should be serious reservations about the likelihood of reducing pollution. He also described the lack of consultation on implementation as ‘terrible’ and accuses the Council of a ‘blatant neglect of the needs of all disabled people, carers, and ambulance services.

Central Government has required these traffic measures to be implemented by Experimental Traffic Orders (ETOs) which do not allow for consultation pre-implementation but require residents to give feedback while the schemes are in operation.

Cllr Gary Malcolm said: “The lack of consultation between Ealing Labour and its residents of the borough has resulted in an appalling neglect of the needs of carers and the disabled people. Recently the Council gave way to give some blue badge holders an exemption so they can travel in cars in the LTNs, however many carers will have to spend much, much longer visiting their vulnerable family members or people they care for. We have no choice but to use the call-in procedures to question Labour and persuade them to either cancel the LTNs or give more exemptions to other key workers.”

December 12, 2020