Appeal Made To Save Baron's Pond

Island of greenery on Popes Lane at risk due to poor drainage

Baron's Pond at its best

August 19, 2020

Local volunteers have launched an appeal to raise funds for much needed work on Baron’s Pond.

The Friends of Baron’s Pond along with Ealing’s Forgotten Spaces have been working with Ealing Council on a solution to stop water draining away from the site. The small space, just off Popes Lane to the south of the Old Actonians sports ground is an island of greenery and wildlife when properly hydrated but the site has been regularly drying up due to filtering and drain construction issues combined with hot summers and low rainfall. For several years now the site has dried up in early spring.

Baron's Pond when it dries up

Local residents have been brainstorming about solutions for the site and have launched a fund-raising campaign to pay for necessary short-term improvements. This has received a good response so far but they need a final quick push as they need to start work in September if the project is to be completed allowing wildlife to thrive at the site again. Unfortunately Ealing Council is not in a position to help financially although they are eager to help with organisation.

The Friend want to raise £2500 to excavate the pond bed so water doesn’t evaporate so quickly. As only water in the pond comes from rainfall and road drains that have no filters on them - meters of dead leaves and rubbish have built up and made the pond bottom flat, so water evaporates with first heat.

Ultimately, they are looking at long term solutions such as filters on drains but this will have to happen later as it is much more costly but they are hoping for funding from other sources such as Highways England.

If you’d like to support their campaign click here.