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Building London's sustainable and inclusive future.

I'm sure we'll all be cock a hoop when we learn about the far reaching decisions made on our behalf and without public consultation. PLENTY of non-public "consultation" though, if you read on.....  Building London's sustainable and inclusive future.London boroughs are set to unveil a list of key infrastructure projects needed to secure "a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable" future for the capital.The London Infrastructure Framework will be officially unveiled at UKREiiF 2023 – the UK's real estate investment and infrastructure forum - in Leeds later today.The framework, which has been developed with the boroughs by the economic consultancy Metro Dynamics and through close working with the Greater London Authority and Transport for London, will promote more efficient planning and delivery of infrastructure and enable a more united pan-London voice to support projects in accessing funding.London Councils' Executive Member for London's Future: Business, Economy and Culture, Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, said: "By setting out boroughs' agreed priorities and the exciting range of development opportunities across the capital, the London infrastructure framework will drive investment towards where it will make the most difference."But alongside this new framework, we are also calling for a new devolution deal for the capital to support boroughs' ambitions around growth and infrastructure. Letting boroughs keep more proceeds from locally driven growth would help us secure investment for these strategic projects and bring benefits not only to Londoners but the UK economy as a whole.    "Boroughs are more determined than ever to work with each other and with our partners in City Hall and central government, as well as with private investors. Together we can secure the infrastructure London needs to thrive in the coming years and maximise its contribution to the UK's economic well-being."

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