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That great rush to get so many buildings through planning before legislation is changed seems to be aided and abetted by Ealing, Labour controlled, Council. Seeing the Labour dominated Planning Committee in action, 19th October 2022, they just seemed to be intent on meeting targets for superficial targets sake, suggests this. Planning Applications: 223203FUL(Steyne Estate), 221747HYBRID(Friary Park Estate) and 222378LBC/222341FUL(Twyford Abbey) were voted through, irrespective of meeting genuine housing need, just to create more death trap towers/rabbit hutched council tax farms to feed money to the disingenuous virtue signalling top dog council nomenklatura.At that committtee meeting, East Acton ward councillor Stephen Donnelly spoke out against the Friary Park Estate application, which is in his East Acton ward. Yet in the past he voted for death trap towers/council tax farms at Manor Road, W13 (202231FUL) and vanity death trap towers/council tax farms on the Percival House site (203275FULR3). Councillor Stephen Donnelly showed himself to be a NIMBY.The Labour run Ealing Council deployed a Security Unit to let in the chosen sychophants of developers of the Friary Park Estate in first, denying the public right of access to the public gallery. Later, the Council High Command relented somewhat to let a limited number of the public in to view the proceedings.At the meeting, relating to the Friary Park Estate application, the developers, Catalyst/Mount Anvil, did not speak themselves for application. Instead, they deployed Cecilia Aridegbe, resident and chair of the Residents Steering Group, to state that the enhancement of community facilities is exclusively dependent upon the further erection and further enhancement of more death trap towers.What I saw at the Planning Committee on 19th October 2022, certainly seems to suggest a great rush, by the ruling Labour run Ealing Council, to get so many buildings through planning before legislation is changed.

Anthony Hawran ● 282d