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Rosco is being unusually circumspect in talking about ‘cultural’ issues. We all know (but won’t say) that there has been a particular problem with electoral fraud by certain Asian politicians relying on the support of close family/kinship/religious ties. The biggest examples were the conviction of six Asian councillors for postal vote fraud in Birmingham (see and Lutfur Rahman in Tower Hamlets who practiced a culture of cronyism, using patronage to his largely Bangladeshi friends to maintain his political power base, before his conviction for electoral fraud. Of course, electoral fraud is not limited to any one cultural or ethnic group but there’s no doubt it is unevenly distributed. The Electoral Commission produced a report in 2014 where they identified 16 areas with a greater risk of cases of alleged electoral fraud being reported (Ealing was not one of them), and they acknowledged that these areas “are also often home to communities with a diverse range of nationalities and ethnic backgrounds”. They go on to state that they “have begun further work to identify relevant evidence in order to help address concerns about the vulnerability of some South Asian communities, specifically those with roots in parts of Pakistan or Bangladesh, to electoral fraud” (you can read the Electoral Commission report here: A feminist might note that strongly patriarchal cultures seem more prone to this type of behaviour – and most of the people convicted of it are men.Richard Mawrey, a QC who tries electoral fraud cases, has called for postal voting on demand to be scrapped because of the risk of fraud (; you’ll note the article I reference is on the BBC (not The Sun or Daily Mail). Will you take it seriously now?

Vlod Barchuk ● 501d

Geez, you try to post nicely, and still......."Proven" is the key word, and note the number of "alleged" frauds at local elections.Some would say no smoke without fire?---------------------------------------------------------The UK has low levels of proven electoral fraud. In March 2020 we reported on the number and type of cases investigated by the police in 2019. This page provides an update on the number of cases and their outcomes. There remains no evidence of large-scale electoral fraud in 2019.592 cases of alleged electoral fraud were investigated by the police. Of these, three led to a conviction and an individual was given a police caution.This table shows the number of cases of alleged fraud the police reported to us, for each election held in 2019.Election                           Number of casesLocal elections                                       362UK Parliamentary general election               161European Parliamentary election                      21Non-election specific (for example, electoral registration)                                                         21Local by-election                                 12UK Parliamentary by-election                         7Mayoral election                                      6Combined authority mayoral election                 1Police and Crime Commissioner by-election      1

Rosco White ● 521d

People challenging your opinions and pointing out they are wrong is not the same as you not being allowed to hold them. I do try and keep things clear and simple so you will understand them but it looks like once again I have failed.You will not need to look far to see well evidenced research from state security organisations all over the world about how Vladimir Putin's government will seek to undermine confidence in free and fair democratic elections when it believes it will suit their purpose. That some agency is seeking to do this is undeniable because thousands of accounts are created across social media in advance of elections generally pushing the notion that the vote is flawed. This has happen most recently in the states but it is an international project with the Baltic States particularly targeted.The fact that you have formed an opinion based on a post on an internet forum that the scope for fraud is HUGE you have a responsibility to provide some actual evidence and explain how this might actually be happening. Quoting instances in which the authorities have identified potential risk areas undermines your own argument.What is clear that you haven't thought through the implications of what you are saying. If you genuinely believe election results can be manipulated then it must logically follow that the authority of any winner is illegitimate and the rule of law is undermined. That was the thought process of the people who went to the State Capitol and murdered police officers.

Andy Jones ● 521d

Point taken about proxy and postal voting.However, while the scope for abuse in postal voting may be increased all the evidence suggests that it can't be done on the scale necessary to guarantee to affect a result.In person voting will still have a minor level of fraud. I remember regularly seeing voting cards left in a communal hallway for neighbours who I knew were away and unlikely to vote. If I had been so minded I could have organised for them to be used for a particular political party but the risk would have been asymmetric - if caught I would have gone to jail, if successful my favoured candidate would have got away with it.There are different ways postal voting could potentially be used for election fraud but, once again, nobody has ever managed to do this at scale. If they did audit procedures would quickly identify any irregularity. Once again, the risks of being caught outweigh any potential gain.We have to accept now that it has become part of the playbook of people who wish our democracy ill to undermine faith in the voting system. It is entirely predictable that Russian sponsored bot farms will start spreading fake stories in the run up to the May election about 'cultural' voting and the unreliability of postal voting and a few useful idiots in this country will help them spread them.As in American any minor discrepancy will be magnified into a HUGE fraud on the people. All these stories had in common that no proper evidence was ever produced and all that was proven for sure is that America had its most carefully scrutinised vote in its history. Certainly, if anyone has any proper evidence of potential fraud based on verified facts then they should let as many people know as possible. However, if you are spreading disinformation based on prejudice about our elections you are serving the wishes of a hostile foreign power.

Andy Jones ● 522d