Drive-In Cinema Event Planned at Twyford Avenue Sports Ground

Sixteen evening showings plus one live performance scheduled

Picture: Sunset Cinema

An ‘all American inspired vintage Drive-In movie experience’ is planned for Acton next month.

Sunset Cinema are selling tickets for what they describe as ‘a unique setting in west London’, the Twyford Avenue Sports Ground, normally home to Wasps FC. The films will be shown on what the hosts claim is the biggest outdoor screen in west London with the sound streamed into your car.

Tickets cost £50 which includes access for your car and two people. Extra passengers within the car cost an additional £15 each. Everyone must have their own seat and the legal capacity of the vehicle must not be exceeded.

Food and drink will be available and the organisers say you can save money by pre-ordering. A burger and fries plus drink will cost you £15 and other snacks or drinks including beer and cocktails are £7.50. You will not be permitted to bring your own food and drink to the site.

You need to arrive before 8.30pm and there will be music and entertainment until the film starts at 9.15pm. The predicted finish time given with booking information is 11.45pm for most films.

The organisers say their staff will be following strict protocols to ensure the safety of staff and customers and that it will be a fully contact-free environment. Cars will be parked 2 metres apart and tickets will be scanned through closed windows.

We have asked the organisers how many cars will be able to view each film and what traffic management arrangements are being made but they have not responded yet.

An Ealing Council spokesperson said: “The club’s existing premises licence at Twyford Avenue Sports Ground allows for 'no more than 6 days per calendar year of Regulated Entertainment activities to be provided outdoors'. Therefore no new premises licence application would need to be made and there is no requirement for a public notice.

“It is likely, in order to meet the number of events being advertised, that temporary event notices (TEN) would be applied for by the club. A TEN does not require advertising but before being issued the police and council’s noise team would be approached for any objections.

“Our licencing officers are meeting with the club and Sunset Cinema later this week to discuss how these events would take place and to ensure they meet the requirements of the licence.”

Date Film
5th July Sunday Rocketman (15)
8th July Wednesday La La Land (12A)
9th July Thursday Pulp Fiction (18)
10th July Friday Dirty Dancing (15)
11th July Saturday Abba Live Show ! (6pm)
11th July Saturday Mamma Mia (PG)
12th July Sunday Grease (PG)
15th July Wednesday Joker (15)
16th July Thursday A Star Is Born (15)
17th July Friday The Hangover (15)
18th July Saturday The Great Gatsby (12A)
19th July Sunday Knives Out (12A)
22nd July Wednesday Django Unchained (18)
23rd July Thursday Back To The Future (12A)
24th July Friday Space Jam (U)
25th July Saturday Wolf Of Wall Street (18)
29th July Wednesday Grease (PG)


June 16, 2020