Acton Community Support

Groups available throughout W3 helping out during the lockdown

actn support

The community of Acton have come together during this extraordinary time to support one another and set up systems whereby the most vulnerable get what they need.

The Acton COVID Support Group (ACSG) is a volunteer community group enabled by local online hub Acton Notebook. Their aim is to support each other and to help the vulnerable and others in need during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

In order to ensure there is support for those who need it, over 35 hyperlocal WhatsApp Support Groups have been set up for streets around Acton. Support can be offered and asked for through the network, providing safe and timely help to neighbours. Street group representatives are linked to a central WhatsApp group and have direct access to local councillors for anything urgent. 

The Acton Gardens Food Distribution Service has been set up by local volunteers where food can be donated - Acton restaurants like the Chapati Club are actively supporting their efforts with freshly baked naan breads for example.

The Acton Notebook ACSG page houses answers to frequently asked questions and links to support networks and local businesses, whilst the Instagram page provides daily, local, up-to-date information

Elena Langtry
Acton Covid Support

April 23 2020