Acton Residents Fearful After Spate of Brake Tampering

Cars in Poet's Corner cul-de-sac subject to dangerous criminal damage

Chaucer Road
( Chaucer Road - Google Streetview)

Terrified residents of a quiet Acton cul-de-sac say they fear for their lives after a number of cars on the road have been mysteriously damaged.

Since October six vehicles on Chaucer Road have had brake or hydraulic cables cut in the dead of night.

Sophie, who lives on the road, told, 'Whoever is doing it clearly has some kind of axe to grind and no sense that a car without brakes or partially damaged brakes could cause death and damage. It is also punitively expensive to get mended each time, one neighbour has paid £2000. There are a whole range of theories as to why it might be happening, but without a commitment from the local police to pursue the case further, it seems as though we are just waiting for another act of dangerous criminal damage and indeed a potential tragedy.''

(cable damage to one of the cars)

Another resident, Phil said, 'It has been a disturbing and expensive time for our family. Our car has had its brake cables cut three times in 2 months. It is a malicious and targeted attack and one we have no understanding of, having lived here happily and peacefully for over 11 years! It’s of huge concern especially driving our children and with children in the area when you’re not sure if your brakes are cut and lives could be endangered.'

brake cables

The local garage, Burlington Motors, has been dealing with a number of damaged cars and say they've seen a worrying increase in cases.

A spokesperson from the garage said, '' It might be malicious damage from someone with a vendetta or could possibly be that specific cars are being targetted and cables cut by thieves attempting to tow them away. If this is the case I'd suggest avoiding parking in the same place regularly.''

The police initially investigated the incidents but are closing cases due to a lack of evidence. Residents say they've even been advised to install their own CCTV.

A Met police spokesperson told us , Between 2 and 14 of December police received several reports of criminal damage to vehicles in Chaucer Road, W3. Officers from the West Area Basic Command Unit made initial inquiries into the incidents, but due to limited investigative opportunities, the investigations have been closed at this time.If any further information comes to light it will be assessed and acted on accordingly.The complainants have been advised of the outcome.'

18 December 2019